Monday, October 26, 2009

Game Maker 8 Logo Competition over

From YoYo Games Glog

4 weeks ago, readers of the YYG Glog were asked to come up with a new logo for Game Maker 8. The winner of the competition would win $250.

The competition ended today at 9am GMT (5am EDT (-5 GMT)).

Sandy Duncan stated today in the glog that he "will create a short list and Mark Overmars and I will decide on the winner(s) as soon as possible." and he expects to make the announcement this weekend, which if you recall the original competition announcement Sandy said that the winner by November 1st.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Game Maker Station to move servers in November

From Game Maker Station
Dear all

Game Maker Station's server is moving to allow for more disk space. Also we are re designing our HTML website to PHP soon. The staff is currently working on getting this all programmed. Wish them the best of luck :) These changes will be made in November.

NEW - Rather than needing admin approval, site submissions will be instant. If they are bad, they will be reported.

If you ask me I think that instant submissions is a bad idea, but hey, who am I to judge?

Best get ready for the change, no word if the site will be down during the switch though, I'll keep you informed on any new updates regarding this matter.

Game Maker Station proposes merge with 64Digits

Frederick Watson of Game Maker Station proposed a merge with 64Digits recently, claiming "Game Maker Station has the extra pieces of the puzzle that you are seeking."

According to Frederick, 64Digits "won't have to pay for your domain anymore which will mean extra money in your pocket." which leads to the conclusion that 64Digits will now be known as Game Maker Station and no longer will 64Digits be the community it once would be.

"I think this could be a great opportunity for both of us. We have so much in common."

Yet Frederick makes the follow accusations about 64Digits:

1). Your forums are dead <- The SMF forums have been dead for years, while these are alive, just not very active.

2). your blogs are nearly dead

3). even if we were to merge and bring more traffic, it would be too difficult to work out all of services and extra websites and communities who are connected to Game Maker Station.

Follow the discussion

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game Maker Journal makeover

From Game Maker Station
Dear all

We have re made the skin and logo for Game Maker Journal. A complete makeover. Enjoy. :)

Click on the logo to visit Game Maker Journal:
Posted Image

 Game Maker Station's Game Maker Journal has received a makeover recently.

Game Maker Journal is a blog that is comparable to Game Maker Blog, relaying news, reviews, previews and interviews to readers.

SigmaNine.NET wants your thoughts

From SigmaNine.NET

In a recent news post at SigmaNine.NET (previously known as TwilightPhantasm,) owner of SigmaNine xXBenXx asks members what they would like to see done first.

SigmaNine/TwilightPhantasm has seen a decrease in site activity for the past few months, only recently has it became more active than it has been.

There's a lot to come SigmaNine, I'd advise that you check it out as this fairly new community begins to grow.

64Digits games submission fixed (and some improvements)

From 64Digits
Game submission should be working now. Feel free to submit all your games =D

As a note to those who accept games, this server is lacking the php image library so we can no longer auto check image sizes. You will need to make sure they are the right size manually.

WHOOPS! I accidently just made it so you can submit examples for other languages o.o
Any other mistakes I should make?

That's right. 64Digits' game submission has been broken for a months, until October 22nd when it was fixed. This means that you can now submit games and examples once again.

Last night a new feature was added, as you can now submit C/C++, C# and Python examples to the site.

While 64Digits is primarily a Game Maker website, it appears that it's branching out to attract new members, as everyone apparently thinks that the site's prime is over. Let's see if those thoughts can be turned around.